Like to thank DSResearchers

We would just like to thank DSResearchers for all the work they have put in, not just on the estate but to the family tree. Linda from Yorkshire.

Welcome payment

"I receive at least one fraudulent attempt or scam each week and consequently your first few letters were treated with suspicion and binned. Fortunately, you persevered and I carried out some basic checks and decided you were at worst just cold callers touting for business. I responded to your correspondence with caution. I am very glad that I did as it resulted in me receiving a significant and welcome payment from the Estate of a previously unknown deceased relative. I was never asked for any money and your remuneration was deducted from my inheritance before payment. Your fee was I felt both reasonable and justified. Well done. Thank you."  Carole from Merseyside

Your approach throughout was thoroughly professional

I must compliment you on the manner in which you’ve dealt with the matter of this legacy.  I admit to having been a bit sceptical when initially approached by you, due to the plethora of on-line scams currently on the internet.  My doubts were totally unfounded.  Your approach throughout was thoroughly professional, both in our correspondence and on the occasions when I had need to speak with your staff personally on the phone.  They were friendly, helpful, brief and to the point.  Since I was calling from Australia, that was important to me.  As were the cheerful Yorkshire accents which reminded me of my earlier years spent in the West Riding!  The financial outcome of our mutual dealings was an unexpected bonus that has given great pleasure to our family.  I am most grateful, not only to my distant deceased relative, but to your organisation for drawing it to my attention and facilitating it.

Brian from Australia.

We were surprised and intrigued

“I am writing to express our gratitude and thanks for the work your team put into finding beneficiaries of the estate.


My brother was contacted initially and having seen some of the television programmes, knew the company was legitimate and phoned me to let me know I probably would receive a letter too, which I did.


We were surprised and intrigued, as we knew nothing of any such family member. We really weren't expecting to receive any money.”


Sue from Dorset

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